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Tors19:15-20:30Karakterdans3-512-18SE STATUSOlga MirzaLPKAR


På sigt skal du være forberedt på at anskaffe en lille hælsko og et skørt. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

Thinking of ballet we imagine a ballerina in a beautiful tutu, dancing gracefully on pointe. But true classical ballet can’t exist without CHARACTER DANCE – a very specific style of dance. It’s a theatrical presentation of national and folk dance.

You will see this style of dancing in famous ballets such as “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, or “Don Quixote” where fairy tales, stories of royalty and ordinary people are told through character dance.

Character dance classes will help to develop your expressiveness, body plasticity, coordination and will lead you through a beautiful journey of a new dance language, where we will learn well-known East dance from “Nutcracker”, Spanish dance “Seguidilla” from “Don Quixote” and many others. Character dance classes will also help you to understand and learn faster classical variations, which are based on a particular national style. For example, the pieces from “Coppelia” – Polish and Hungarian, “La Bayadere” – Indian, “La Sylphide” – Scottish “Reel”…

The Character dance lessons can be a wonderful chance for our students to really thrive! Students are encouraged to express themselves even more than in the traditional Ballet portions of the syllabus and it can be a wonderful opportunity for any performer. Not only does Character dance provide students with exposure to different cultures & styles, but it also incorporates partner work and the use of props. If a student decides to continue with their dance studies, or even consider it professionally, these are all valuable and solid skills to have.

Examples from classical heritage ballet

Spanish dance from “Swan Lake”

Scottish dance “Reel” from “La Sylphide”

Polish mazurka from “Coppelia”

Hindu dance from “La Bayadere”

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